And create it your way

Posted by Admin on 01-01-2023 11:37 AM

It is a priority for cbc to create a website that is accessible to all canadians including people with visual, hearing, motor and cognitive challenges.

Looking ahead to 2023

exciting news! we're thrilled to announce the addition of 8 new coaches to our team. These talented individuals are ready to help athletes of all levels, from cyclists to ultrarunners to triathletes, reach their full potential. Welcome to the team: - caroline mani - frederic sabater pastor - travis lavin - jonah sanchez - anne tisdell - brittany parffrey - adam ferdinandson - kellie moylan click our bio link to learn more about them and the experience they bring to coaching. 🚴 do you have a goal event in 2023 you need to prepare for? schedule a free coach consultation and get matched with an experienced cycling coach who can develop a personalized training program and guide you to peak fitness for your event.